Are you a Locavore?

A Locavore's mission is, to the extent feasible, to eat food grown locally say within 100 miles of your home. Sourcing food locally forges closer ties with your neighbors, helps the local economy, reduces energy consumption, incentives the protection of open spaces and provides fresher foods. This is how everyone on earth ate until recent times. The radical shift in there our foods originate is a product of transportation systems developed in the most recent 100 years of 250,000 years that man has lived on the planet. Are these changes for the better?

While our area may not produce Columbian Coffee, extra Virgin Olive Oil, Swiss Chocolate or Ruby Red Grapefruits, it is the home of the best Maple Syrup in the world! If you want to answer in the affirmative when asked "Who's your farmer?", visit us any weekend in March at our sugar house located at 10 Sugar House Lane in Grahamsville (GPS 227 Glade Hill Rd). You will meet other concerned culinary adventurers and see how maple syrup is produced in Sullivan County.